Integra News What are the major benefits of having a strong administration support for you and your Adviser?

What are the major benefits of having a strong administration support for you and your Adviser?

At Integra Financial Ltd, we are fortunate enough to have a CeMAP qualified administration team to help our Advisers throughout our clients’ journeys with us. We know that our Advisers can handle documents and updating clients, so why is having an admin team so beneficial for us (and you)?

  1. It helps speed up the process significantly.

Each of our Advisers handle about 30+ clients per month, and so are generally very busy. Having another qualified individual to hand means that client queries are answered much quicker, and lenders & solicitors have another point of contact as well. This means that no one is left waiting around and everyone involved in the case is updated much faster.

2. Nothing is overlooked.

When one busy person handles a complex case, they will be more prone to mistakes! Having an Administrator to hand means that there are 2 people monitoring the case, and any misspellings of names or wrong date of births will be dealt with efficiently. Advisers and Administrators both want the best for you, and so both will keep a close eye on your case and make sure everything is running smoothly.

3. Behind the scenes.

There is a lot of work that goes into arranging mortgages, a lot of which clients won’t even know about. This is to make sure that the process is compliant and falls in line with not only Integra’s regulations but within the FCA’s regulations and guidelines. This means there are a lot of notes, paperwork and forms for the adviser to complete. Whilst they do this, your dedicated administration staff are working away on the important tasks to progress your application with the mortgage lender(s).

4. In unity, there is strength!

Yes, that’s a little cheesy – but it’s true. Having more members in our team means we can uplift each other, and bring out the best in one another. Our Administrators and Advisers working cohesively means that they can support each other, and provide our clients with the best service they can.

5. The tasks our Administrators handle.

• Carrying out EIDV checks (ID checks)

• Checking all client documents and certify them when necessary

•Uploading the documents to lenders for assessment

• Handling posted documents

• Chasing lenders and Solicitors for updates

• Updating any application changes if applicable (i.e. a change in loan amount)

• Keeping clients updated throughout the application process

• Checking all offer documents once issued by a lender

• Notifying clients once an offer has been issued

So, having an admin team to hand is immensely beneficial to our Advisers, and to our clients!

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